In the workplace, you have to manage crises effectively in order to instill confidence and trust. Humà Experts² offers a hybrid expertise that will enable you to implement strategies that build upon the strengths of your business as well as of those of your teams.
Humà Experts² therefore offers assessment services of organizational problems. We can then propose solutions, models for prevention, management protocols and training and coaching aimed at providing punctual and prompt support. We will also work on developing effective and sustainable tools.


Finally, a safe and confidential way to be heard!

  • Always available

  • Simple and fast

  • Goes everywhere with you

  • Confidential


Our expertise

- Business diagnostics
- Change Management
- Performance Management
- Communication strategies
- Employee relations
- Coaching (individual employee coaching)
- Training
- Prevention of psychological harassment

Humà Experts² support organizations in preventing, resolving and establishing internal protocols to reduce the risk of psychological harassment in the workplace. Are you in compliance with the new law set in place since January 1st, 2019? We can assist you.

Our Approach

The world of neurosciences’ is discovering, on a daily basis, new approaches to assist both individuals and organizations to adapt to our changing society.

The 4 axes of resilience are becoming a subject of interest for scientific authors and researchers. Its focuses are: mindfulness, exercise, creativity and a healthy social life. They constitute the essential elements of the active principles that promote resilience and the maintenance of physical and mental health.

We at “Les Consultants Humà Experts²” advocate the integration of these elements as well as on recent breakthroughs in what is being called “The social brain” in order to promote well-being at work.


Shawn is a seasoned Human Resources professional. She demonstrates strong leadership and organizational development skills. Shawn is a Human Resources professional who has an understanding of all business segments which makes her invaluable to all of her partners and clients. She is an executive with strong strategic skills but remains hands-on in order to obtain the required results for the benefit of the Company and her client groups. Tactful and diplomatic, she is able to gain the required commitment from her client groups to initiate and complete her change initiatives...
I had the great pleasure of working with Shawn at HBC. She is an excellent business partner because she understands the needs of operations therefore, I could always count on her to help facilitate and implement new initiatives. She is committed to the development of people. Shawn has a style that is direct, honest, respectful and professional. I believe her to be a great resource for any Company.
Following a degrading and destabilizing experience in my workplace, Luc Chalifoux helped me gain awareness of my rights as a victim of psychological harassment in the workplace, learn how to treat my physiological and psychological symptoms caused by this situation and more specifically, how to reclaim my confidence and dignity as a professional in my workplace.
— Anonymous